90% Of Cosmetics Was Not Competitive!

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China Cosmetic Market is a dynamic market, cosmetics, low barriers to entry, target consumer price tolerance of strong investment in the brand launch of smaller, resulting in large-scale multinational companies to enter, follow-up by local enterprises, such as the imitation by the river carp , making the industry more varied: changes in product structure, market more segments, the concept of increasing renovation, marketing has its own tricks.

Now, cosmetics companies in China reached 4316, but one-third of the dying, one third of the silent, one-third interest-bearing sound, even if the business was fairly decent, and its committed epidemic still can not be ignored, such as location are not allowed, the concept is unknown, mode and so vague, seriously restricting the further expansion of the market. In fact, emerging companies on the one hand to promote the domestic cosmetics industry, but also increased trade competition between brands.

Now, foreign brand, a joint venture brands, domestic brands separatist different consumer groups, the domestic cosmetics market, competitive landscape is very clear, in the end was occupied by a joint venture brand, high-end monopoly by foreign brands, but only in the low-end domestic brands PK, their development and innovation, sales channels, pricing, promotions and other marketing strategies have done their best, were intensified. At the same time with good cosmetic

harmless, cosmetic function, symbolic meaning of such multiple functions of interest points, their points of interest in the various functional advantages and disadvantages of distributed and not all the same excitement every consumer is also inconsistent This allows the consumer in mind the interests of the various functions consistent with the weight of the merits of a good distribution of branded products to achieve a better and more extensive sales.

Brand promotion expenses as a larger, 90% of cosmetic brands can not afford to invest in factories or R & D, coupled with the domestic cosmetics manufacturers are mostly family-oriented business, a serious lack of marketing, the core concepts and products concept, the so-called high technology is only illusory fabrications, popular market "nano", the use of overwhelming all of these terms; "gene" admired, soon flocked to; which led to many brands of quality inherent in a hurry when it has not yet been resolved market. And decides what method to meet the needs of target groups, serious deficiencies in the cultural genes is the soft underbelly of many companies, because each item must have a cultural factor, its name, purpose, usage, etc., need to form a common feeling and to have the necessary psychological expectations. Consumer expectations of a particular feeling and psychological weight to determine the specific point of their shopping. Chile Colombia

Blue Ocean International Marketing consultants believe that cosmetics should develop their own competitiveness, need to join the real scientific and technological content, build their own core concepts, creating just the right brand concept, based on "the concept of education", which will contain their own unique cultural heritage of the product, provide professional advice to consumers to purchase easy to use guide, value tracking, marketing services, to increase the intrinsic value of goods and extension of scope.

Cosmetics should pay attention to professional. Propaganda, the skin structure, skin type and other skin care basics, according to consumer demand for communication and understanding to guide people to recognize the importance of skin care and skin care habits encouraging consumer culture, scientific skin care. There is misunderstanding the concept of the traditional make-up, such as a man not accustomed to using cosmetics: Summer does not matter, whatever point of the winter wipe oil will do so. It is this concept of skin care cosmetics not really mature, therefore, efforts should be spent first, market cultivation, from the perspective of a correct skin care beauty concept, so that more people like, trust, cosmetics, make cosmetics consumer market is more mature consumer groups have become larger.

Famous brand marketing expert Mr. Yu Fei pointed out that, like cosmetics and health products, consumers need to inspire excitement on demand accurately point and fully tap the core of the concept of differentiation and consumer demand from mining target groups on the common preference Among these, the most fundamental is the effect, the core is the concept, the key is marketing.

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90% Of Cosmetics Was Not Competitive!

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This article was published on 2010/09/23