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2008 another year is the first year of China's century, both China's economic strength or political power will be greatly improved by the 2008 success of Beijing Olympic Games, China's national image have greatly improved. Chinese power gradually recovered consciousness and mentality, the Chinese people will become increasingly self-confident, calm, patriotic, this positive spirit, not only affects people abroad also affects the Chinese people. Chinese consumer psychology will be affected by certain major powers of the Chinese people and the patriotic feelings of awareness, consumer spending subtle psychological changes also occur, kind of xenophilia consumer psychology will gradually weaken, patriotic goods, consumer goods were the psychological will gradually increase . More than ten years ago, South Korea and Japan 30 years ago have all experienced such a precedent.

Followed the same time more people go abroad study, study, travel, more and more Chinese people's eyes wide, more and more widely the information, coupled with the rapid development of network technology, the amount of information is also growing. Views of foreign brands from the blind trust to surprising psychological gradually becomes normal.

The above two changes of Consumer Psychology, Chinese consumers we look brand and foreign brands in China, much more rational from the quality, image and corporate reputation, reputation to distinguish, to identify and purchase. Therefore, China's consumer spending in response to changes in psychological environment, China Cosmetic Enterprises should be actively prepared to deal, suffering with internal strength. China's cosmetics industry as the operating times of good ideas on how to adjust it?

One, to create real domestic products, not the false origin and publicity, and take the brand of system science the road;

Cosmetic products is consumables is fashion, so the consumer brand awareness is important, it must be brand management cosmetics business and accumulation of first place. Before people kind of xenophilia consumption by the consumer psychological impact, many national companies will cater to consumers to create "foreign" brand in the background. But now consider the group of consumers according to their own brands, channels and products identified unique consumer proposition and brand personality, positioning and selling points. Such as herbal formulations HERBORIST positioning is a good example, because the Chinese herbal medicine is the quintessence of China is China's national treasure, the more the more credible in China. The past two years HERBORIST rapid development of the facts that go system science thinking of the importance of branding, the same herbs to take appropriate follow-up strategy has made some achievements, which the Chinese national brand of cosmetics has come the revival period.

Second, strive to improve the strength of integrated marketing company, not only to indulge in a one and a marketing tool;

Marketing strength of the domestic cosmetics industry is still weak, although a fully competitive cosmetics industry, but the company's marketing strength is smaller than as clothing, food and beverage industry's marketing strength, but also not from foreign cosmetics brands body reference to the system of marketing thinking. China is too obsessed cosmetics on one by one and use, such as concepts, tactics over the strength of the surface, but not well studied system of integrated marketing and brand building. This is another main cause of lost domestic brands need a great effort to solve. As many domestic brands in 2023 quickly up and running, quickly quiet down, because there is no integrated marketing thinking and strength caused. Hope that the Chinese cosmetic brand to attract much national attention, in this regard only a very under strength, hard skills, and continuously improve the enterprise's own integrated marketing strength, with the marketing system to promote the brand of thinking long-term development, so can the Chinese national brand cosmetics there is hope, also be possible and the international giant companies like L'Oreal competition.

3, to increase investment in scientific research, comprehensive technical and improving product quality, and let the technology become the soul of cosmetics;

Domestic cosmetics too little investment in research and development, many companies did not even put. Although the domestic cosmetics business strength is far smaller than the foreign well-known cosmetics companies, but the Chinese cosmetics industry has had three decades of rapid development, consumers already know how to distinguish good and bad quality cosmetics, and know how to choose the brand. Domestic cosmetics companies still reluctant to invest in research and development, even the more patriotic consumer goods, but will not have to spend no quality assurance or quality of products in general. So we need to increase business investment in R & D, Jahwa become the leader in the domestic cosmetics business, an important investment is continuing to research. Given the fact that iron, domestic cosmetic companies should pay sufficient attention to quality can not ignore the domestic market has a number of companies have achieved great success, which is already strong emphasis on R & D problems, this time is the core brand values to shape their own souls the perfect opportunity.

4, resistance of the living lonely, cosmetics brand takes time, history, cultivation, history is a cosmetics brand of genes;

Cosmetics brand is a long process, Japan has 150 years of history, Shiseido, L'Oreal, France also has 100 in the coming year history, it takes time to nurture the brand cosmetics, precipitation, not only thinking about the 1st one years and become well-known brands. Hope that, as XIE Fu-chun, Kong Fengchun cosmetics brand to this historic rebirth.
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Chinese Cosmetic Brand Building Into The Spring - Cosmetics Brand - Hairdressing Industry

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Chinese Cosmetic Brand Building Into The Spring - Cosmetics Brand - Hairdressing Industry

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