Cosmetics Business Summit 2010, Entered The Preparatory Period

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BONS Day of the Lord as rotating, locking the rotating European Poetry Man Group Vice-Chairman

HC Chemical Network Hearing, the world-renowned Shanghai World Expo and the 15th session of China Beauty Expo, from cosmetics newspaper, Wen Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai 100 co-sponsored the Second Forum on China's cosmetic industry also will be May 18, 2010 opened in Shanghai . As a highlight of the Forum, China Business Summit of cosmetics is especially striking, the current rotating presidency of attention, rotating Deputy also have been decided. It is reported that the current rotating presidency of the Conference by the German company Beiersdorf subsidiary in China, Japan BONS Individually helm of CEO, Vice-Chairman by Aili Bisi rotation (Holdings) Ltd and Zhejiang Ou Yang Yan Shi Man Group Limited as Managing Director Shen Wei new.

2010, China ushered in the largest development opportunity in the 21st century: urbanization. As more and more of the rural population into the cities, as urban consumers, rural and township residents in a general increase in spending power, the cosmetics industry has also ushered in the urbanization process in the rare opportunities for development, "City", "City Life" "cosmetic" will become the present and future Economy The important key words and social development. However, the future of small towns changing market characteristics, cosmetics Sell Channel change, the integration of capital and new industry standards, and many uncertainties, but also strategies for businesses to upgrade the survival and presented many challenges.

In order to clarify the opportunities and challenges, look to the direction of sustainability, this summit will be China's leading cosmetics business TV Talk show host Yang Lan over to "the process of globalization in the city and cosmetics" as its theme, Alibaba (China) Technology Co., Ltd. CEO David Wei will be the depth of interpretation " E-commerce : The new business reality and the future of civilization, "other issues, the National Bureau of Statistics of experts, invited to talk about the major economic restructuring of China's future role in promoting the retail market, but from many companies within the cosmetics industry on behalf of cities and towns will be the development of inflation advantages and disadvantages, security and many other cosmetics hot topic to share ideas and experiences, which are for cosmetic industry to provide the most valuable ideological blueprint.

It is reported that the current Chinese cosmetics business summit will be released in 2010 development trend of China's cosmetics industry forecast, and "the process of globalization in the city and cosmetics," the theme report, issued the "China Cosmetics Industry Lifetime Achievement Award", "Chinese Cosmetics Industry Leader Award "and" China Business Leaders Awards cosmetics "," Chinese cosmetics Outstanding Contribution Award "and" China Cosmetics Industry Forum Special Honor Award. " So far, more than 100 representatives of business circles to determine corporate participants, more hope that the participants are still welcome to apply business further review.

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Cosmetics Business Summit 2010, Entered The Preparatory Period

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This article was published on 2010/09/27