Experts Advise: Cosmetics Adverse Reactions Can Not Be Ignored

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As Ms. Amy, you are not like to try a wide variety of cosmetics and beauty products? Constantly attempt, you have appeared on some kind of cosmetic allergy phenomenon?

In fact, cosmetic allergy is very common in everyday life, but the majority were all ignored. According to Ministry of Health Supervision Bureau, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the environmental monitoring of adverse reactions Cosmetics 2007 conference report, the National Health Ministry designated 13 of cosmetics adverse reactions monitoring body in 2007 reported a total of 1517 cases of adverse reactions cosmetic case. Cases in 1517, women accounted for most (94.73%). From the education distribution, mainly concentrated in the junior high school, college and universities, high education, accounting for 18.13%, 28.74%, 19.12% and 23.27%. Aged mainly between 20 and 40 years old (69.48 percent).

Dermatologists remind you that beauty at the same time we must guard against the emergence of cosmetic side effects.

First of all, when you buy cosmetics, there must be anti-poor security awareness, check whether the mark cosmetics, production date, manufacturer name and health license, ID. Drug cosmetics should also watch for the health sector, of approval. In appearance, to pay attention to Cosmetics Packaging Is intact, the contents of any abnormal odors, whether the shape changes, such as cream products with or without water layer, bubbles and so on. In addition, the purchase of cosmetics should be taken to a small package do not buy a large package, with the use to buy principle. Because many nutrition, medicinal plants has its own type of biological active, so cosmetics have their own health accordingly the validity period should be in the best utility to use.

The same time, please not to be influenced by advertising, in particular, not to rely on "effect of 100%", "effective for three days" and other propaganda. Do not blindly importing expensive special effects or advertised cosmetics. According to the nature of their skin to choose safe, gentle, effective good product. To go to regular stores to buy cosmetics.

In addition, the cosmetic adverse reactions caused by skin types are more varied clinical manifestations. Monitoring of 1517 cases in 2007 cases, most common cosmetic contact dermatitis, there are 1305 cases (86.03%), followed by cosmetics, acne, cosmetics, skin pigmentation abnormalities, cosmetics, hair damage, light cosmetic dermatitis, cosmetics, nail damage, etc.. If you use cosmetics or cleaning products skin discomfort after, should first consider the possibility of adverse reactions to cosmetics.

Therefore, when you find yourself face erythema, papules, and yellow with spots, patches and so impede the appearance of the disease, the first to go to regular hospital dermatologist or skin specialist hospital for treatment after diagnosis in accordance with the guidance of a doctor recommended treatment. If you suspect that your skin is not caused by cosmetics, can be used to carry cosmetics directly to the hospital (Dermatology, Shandong Province Hospital) Cosmetic Adverse Reaction Monitoring body, the doctor will recommend you based on your condition appropriate tests to detect sensitization cosmetics, for rational and effective treatment, and help you pick out for their own cosmetics.

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Experts Advise: Cosmetics Adverse Reactions Can Not Be Ignored

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This article was published on 2010/09/25