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With the improved quality of life, attention to appearance has become the embodiment of the inner cultivation of a man. The "great treasure every day, see the" advertising, but also reveals that men love beautiful things. With the expansion of market demand, more and more men's cosmetics and beauty products emerged. But also the domestic cosmetics market for men can only be used to describe the ascendant, product manufacturing, product features, positioning and many inadequate and rarely reflect the male-specific. It should say this is a trend in the future, it may become more and more white-collar men a topic of concern.

I visited several stores in the cosmetics counters and found that although male cosmetics market, quietly heating up, but from the "fire" still a long way. Especially the men's skin care dedicated to be used, of hair, sunscreen, and cosmetics, bath, etc., product and market is still in training stage. Ms.

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present, male shampoo, hair spray, mousse, perfume and other varieties of the most popular, multi-buy for young people. Interesting thing is, buyers and users are not all men. In a department store perfume counter salesperson told the author that use Pakistan Bailey, POLO, Cologne and other men's fragrance, Ms. dedicated many, some are ready to give the President or boyfriend, while others buy for themselves. Miss Bai Ling's view, a fairly representative, she believes that universal female perfume smell too Shannon, the male has fur smell the perfume, clean floral or wood smoke flavor, aroma and elegant, dignified, more suitable for professional women .

Compared to other cosmetic products, the men apparently feel the smell Ruoyouruowu, disappeared the acceptance of cologne is the best one. Men also need to care facial

Summer arrives, when his wife wear sunscreen when Mr Ng's eye becomes very complicated. One day, Mr Ng finally could not help but complained: "Women want sun, then what men do not sunscreen?" From time, was fierce sun may feel good taste of peeling red and swollen. However, Mr Ng and his wife is not willing to share how a bottle of sunscreen, "white and fragrant, told me how to see people?" Mr Ng's meaning is: If a man dedicated sunscreen enough.

As an ad said: "Men need love." However, in cosmetics, skin care products, the men received "care" pitiful. According to statistics, sunscreen cosmetics market in recent years, the annual growth rate over 20%, but production and businessmen seem to have forgotten men, the advertisements claim to be "sun is not black", all is purely for young women. Sunscreen products, or "white, fragrant," or too greasy, does not make men feel "face" to see people. In fact, strong men than women, sebum secretion, easy to plug the pores, facial appear vulnerable to infection such as acne or rash. In addition, men are more affected by ultraviolet radiation, sweating more, smokers are more easily led to the aging of the skin or rough, therefore, on the acne cream, remove smell and sunscreens of high demand, the market been forgotten.

Male market prospects It is understood that there are many cosmetics brands have developed specialized male cosmetics, in addition to a large treasure SOD Honey, the brand cosmetics Xiaoqing, Dan posture, Shiseido, Biore, Nivea and so there was several men dedicated skin care products, and some specialized area opened up a men's cosmetics. Varieties from the original cleansing cream, foam, water and other public beard products, has launched a new men's repair lipstick, water conditioning, moisturizing lotion, deodorant, shower gel and other sub-products.

With the improvement of living standards and people's mind, the demand for varieties of men's cosmetics will continue to expand, and towards beauty, nutrition, effective, multi-function and develop in the direction of natural raw materials. The desire of men to buy cosmetics will become stronger, the male cosmetics market was in full swing, are enticing. However, the current view of the cosmetics market, fewer types of men's cosmetics, classification is not fine, advocacy efforts are not enough market space to harness.
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Male Cosmetics Market Business Opportunities - Cosmetics, Men's Cosmetics Shiseido -

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Male Cosmetics Market Business Opportunities - Cosmetics, Men's Cosmetics Shiseido -

This article was published on 2011/01/23