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Speaking of famous international brands Cosmetic Many people know that L'Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Unilever, LVMH, Chanel's international big-name these famous name cosmetics conglomerate. However, the world's top brands of cosmetics how much? All those brands? I am afraid that few people can speak clearly.

Top international cosmetics and people not only has yet to come
Today, we went to high-end high-end department store cosmetics counter to see the image to show in front of the internationally renowned cosmetic brand, can be said that the international high-end cosmetics brand, has captured the high-end cosmetics market. China is the world's third-largest cosmetics consumer market, with annual sales since 2006 , annual double-digit growth. In recent years, imports of brand-name cosmetics in an unusual speed to enter the Chinese market, Chanel, SK- , Lancome, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Clinique, CD, Biotherm and other international brands have been satisfied in large department store counter in spontaneously accelerated first-tier cities in China market are the distribution schedule, to open more stores.

However, people usually see in the domestic market of about 30 international high-end cosmetics brand, is only a corner of the world's first-line brand. It is understood that the world's top cosmetics brands recognized around 400, belong to several world-class cosmetic companies. A considerable number of brands of cosmetics, because of the raw materials, production processes and conditions have special requirements, so the quantities are not high. Because the profits have been high enough, so the producers of these brands to consider more than to expand production and sales, seize greater benefits, but to make every effort to ensure the quality, so customer satisfaction. Although these cosmetics brands expensive, but often have a very loyal group of regular customers, regular customers in mind, these brands of cosmetics is not just to satisfy their preferences, more importantly, a solid reputation and quality guarantee. These regular customers is a true high-end consumer groups, they often enjoy the world famous all over the cosmetics, when we were loved, they faithfully adhere to. For example, Madonna's favorite senior PacoRabanneia Perfume XS, the Queen is a favorite JeanPatou perfume, Zhu Hollywood has been using flesh quality skin care.

Present in people's living standards improved rapidly and continuously with the world trend of convergence of the Chinese consumer, it is difficult to find traces of most of the international top cosmetics. People on the high-end cosmetics

strong consumer demand The two institutions, according to the U.S. investigation and analysis, after three decades of reform and opening up, Chinese people's spending power significantly increased, with China now has 200 million middle-class spending power of people, millions of dollars of personal assets in China the number of wealthy many countries in the world, ranked fifth, China has become the world's third largest luxury goods consumer market, and the pace of development in the world.

Line represents the latest fashion and make-up brand of high quality consumer concept, they expand in China, is the market to a higher level of a signal. The data show that China's cosmetics market in 2007 in 150 billion yuan. LVMH and other luxury goods that China's high-end consumer groups and even to 40% annual growth rate of -50%. Estee Lauder Group, the world's largest high-end cosmetics sales in China are also very optimistic attitude. In recent years, the Group's two brand Clinique and Estee Lauder's annual growth of 100%. Biotherm, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Dior, Chanel cosmetics are several high-end large-scale advertising and increase brand awareness.

Present, China's senior cosmetics market has been gradually expanding consumer inflation, showing full incremental market conditions. Lancome's target audience is 30-year-old woman with higher income, Lancome cosmetics on the market priced in the 1400-1500 yuan, 8,000 yuan in annual spending of more than about 4 percent or so loyal customers. Advanced cosmetic, while not top luxury, but it needs a strong purchasing power to support, so a large number of international cosmetics brands entered, indicating that increasing external confidence in the market.
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Top International Cosmetics To The Chinese Sent A Look - Cosmetics, International Cosmetics,

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Top International Cosmetics To The Chinese Sent A Look - Cosmetics, International Cosmetics,

This article was published on 2010/11/10